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Ms. Ross Makes Billboard All-Time List…Twice!


In celebration of its 125th anniversary, music trade magazine Billboard has released a special list of the top 125 artists of all time — and Diana Ross shows up twice within the top 50!  She’s listed first with The Supremes, at #26 — and as a solo artist at #47.

Here’s the list’s description, via Billboard:

“Using a formula blending all titles tallied on both the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart (since its inception on Aug. 4, 1958) and the Billboard 200 albums chart (since it became a combined stereo/mono survey on Aug. 17, 1963), we assembled a list of music’s all-time top artists. (Due to changes in chart methodology and title turnover rates, certain periods for each chart recap were weighted differently to ensure as equal a representation as possible among all eras.)”

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Diana Ross and all the ladies of The Supremes (Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard…

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“Ladies Hot Line” (1983)


Paul Jabara And Friends

Songwriter is a word rarely applied to Diana Ross.  Of her dozens of memorable hits, none bear her name in the writing credits; the singer has been open about her place as an “interpreter” of lyrics, finding meaning in the words of others.  That said, during the 1980s — under an exciting, lucrative deal with RCA Records — Ross was enjoying unprecedented creative control in her career.  Expanding her musical horizons, the singer began executive producing her own albums, and even began co-writing some of her own songs.  Most of these were album tracks, but a few (“So Close,” “Work That Body”) were lifted as singles to moderate success.  Though these songs aren’t found on “Best Of…” collections, nor are the ever performed live by the singer, they do compose a fascinating corner of her discography and a peek into her wildly-varied musical tastes.

“Ladies Hot Line” then deserves a place of mention in this ongoing…

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Baby It’s Me (1977)


“I can’t believe the way you move me…”

“Most of us remember Martha Reeves as leader of one of the most popular soul groups in history, the Vandellas.  Now, as a solo and with the fine production of Richard Perry, she is showing signs of becoming an even bigger star,” raved Billboard magazine in its June 15, 1974 issue, reviewing the MCA release Martha Reeves.  Although the album surprisingly failed to become a commercial success, critics and fans loved it; someone else who took note was the singer’s former boss, Motown founder Berry Gordy, Jr.  “Berry Gordy called me and asked if I would like to work with Diana,” remembered producer Richard Perry in a 2012 interview with Christian John Wikane.  “He loved the album I had done with Martha Reeves a few years earlier and wanted me to get the same vibe going for Diana.”  Miss Ross, of…

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J. Randy Taraborrelli

I'd rather be reading...

This is one of my favorite authors, I only have 3 of his 19 books, I am working my way through them slowly, so the next couple of posts are about the ones I’ve read and highly recommend, this is a brief intro to this wonderful story teller!

If no- one has heard or read any then I can’t tell you how much you need to go and grab a copy, GO.. Go!

Right, back? Amazing stories right?

J. Randy is a famous biographer who has an array of varying different artists and topics to date he has a total of 19 works:

  •  Diana: A Celebration of the Life and Career of Diana Ross (1985)
  • Cher – A Biography (1986; updated in 1992)
  • Motown: Hot Wax, City Cool and Solid Gold (1986; updated in 1988)
  • Laughing Till It Hurts – The Complete Life and Career of Carol Burnett (1988)
  • Call Her…

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“Fight For It” (1984)


“I’ll let you on a secret of mine…you’re what I’m looking for…”

Swept Away — Diana Ross’s fourth studio album for RCA Records — was a return to form for the singer; after the lackluster response to 1983’s Ross (and, really, 1982’s Silk Electric, despite it’s Grammy-nominated first single, “Muscles”), the album took Diana Ross back to the top of several charts.  The first single “All Of You,” a duet with Julio Iglesias, hit #2 on the Adult Contemporary charts, followed by the #1 dance title track and the #1 R&B hit “Missing You.”  All three songs hit the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Swept Away the first Diana Ross solo album ever to contain three top 20 pop hits.  This was a major achievement for Diana, who’d signed with RCA Records at the beginning of the decade looking for more creative control of her career; a…

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Everything Is Everything (1970)


“Heaven must have sent you to me, and I’m not gonna let you go back…”

That big, rushing sound you heard in the fall of 1970 was the collective sigh of relief from everyone at Motown when Diana Ross scored her first #1 single with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” which topped the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks in September; though the company was outwardly confident that the singer would be a solo success, there was no doubt extreme pressure to deliver on the promises.  With her first album, titled Diana Ross, pushed to #1 on the R&B Albums chart thanks to the success of “Ain’t No Mountain,” plans moved forward for a television special and a feature film (discussions concerning Ross portraying jazz legend Billie Holiday stretched back to 1969); Ross, meanwhile, continued perfecting her stage show and was already back in the studio to cut tracks…

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