GR-R-R-R: Supremes “Roar” in Billboard (5/18/65)


They say May weather either acts like a lion or a lamb…but back in 1965, three “tigers” were bringing plenty of sunshine to the airwaves.

This is a great full-page ad from the May 18, 1965 issue of Billboard, promoting the initial five album releases by The Supremes and their then-latest single, “Back In My Arms Again” (which would show up on their sixth album, More Hits By The Supremes).  The single would go on to become the group’s fifth consecutive #1 pop hit, and their very first #1 on the R&B chart.

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INTERVIEW: Louvain Demps on Good Day Atlanta


Sometimes the most magical moments in life happen by accident; Louvain Demps of The Andantes remembers that being the case while recording “Love Child” in September of 1968.  As she recalls, there came a moment when groupmates Marlene Barrow and Jackie Hicks forget to sing a note, while Demps wailed it with all her heart.  Before they could do it again, she says Berry Gordy yelled, “I love it!”  And thus, Louvain Demps got her famous “solo scream” on one of the biggest hits in Motown history.

I was honored to sit down and chat with 79-year-old Louvain Demps for a two-part profile on Good Day Atlanta.  Not only was she gifted with one of the sweetest voices in soul music, she’s also a beautiful, genuine spirit who lights up when talking about the early days of Hitsville.  It’s no secret anymore that The Andantes were a major element of the…

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Diana Ross And The Supremes


 Diana Ross And The Supremes

Diana Ross – circa 1966

 “I’m the greatest star / I am by far / But nobody knows it” – ‘I’m the Greatest Star’ (Julie Styne, Bob Merrill)

The answer is ‘no’.  Berry Gordy, the head of Motown Records, considers the teenage girls in front of him.  Naturally, they are disappointed.  The year is 1960 and the girls, with stars in their eyes, had hoped to join the stable of recording artists on the up-and-coming Motown label.  Gordy’s advice to the young hopefuls is to finish high school and then come back and see him again.  Probably no one In the room could predict that these giggly and immature school girls are fated to become the biggest success of Motown, Diana Ross And The Supremes.

Diana Ross is born Diane Ernestine Ross on 26 March 1944 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.  Due to a…

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Brief Descriptive Theoretical History of the Knights Templar Order

Source: Brief Descriptive Theoretical History of the Knights Templar Order

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Solomon’s Ring

The Ninth Templar Story

Some speculate that one of the secrets to the Knights Templar’s rapid success was not just the favor that the Catholic Church of Rome gave them, but rather the discovery of far more than secrets under Solomon’s Temple. Their ability to amass great wealth and create and project power some believe was more linked to some relic they discovered. Rumors have long speculated from the biblical story of King Solomon’s possession of a powerful ring given to him by God’s own Archangel as a tool to control evil and create good from harnessing evil among us on the earth. It was said that King Solomon’s ring could enslave demons and make them come under his control. His ring was fabled to have magical powers of healing, alchemy and mind control. It made the wearer of the ring conscious of everything and what is referred to as the wisest of all…

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Making a LADY: The Story of a Groundbreaking Cinematic Classic


“In 1972, we fought everybody.  No one had ever done a film like this before.” –Shelly Berger

March 27, 1973: The 45th Annual Academy Awards.  Tensions are running high inside the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles as presenters Raquel Welch and Gene Hackman take the stage.  “Hope they haven’t got a cause,” Welch remarks after reading the names of the five nominees for the Best Actress Academy Award, a reference to Marlon Brando’s earlier boycott of his own Best Actor award.  Television cameras capture the tight expressions of the four present nominees; Liza Minnelli, Diana Ross, Cicely Tyson, and Liv Ullmann (Maggie Smith is not in attendance) look nervous and uncomfortable as the presenters tear open the envelope.  It’s undoubtedly been a long road to this moment for all four women; for Diana Ross, it’s been more than three years of intense research, sometimes vicious criticism, and arduous filming…

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Red Hot Rhythm & Blues (1987)


 “I wanna put my winter life away, Summertime I need a sunny day…”

This would be the 6th and final studio album by Diana Ross while signed to RCA records; the relatively short tenure began with 1981’s Why Do Fools Fall In Love and, for the most part, continued successfully through the decade.  Three of the six albums went gold (or better), and Miss Ross scored six top 20 pop hits and nine top 20 R&B singles (including this album’s “Dirty Looks”).  Certainly this is not a bad showing for seven years of recordings; most artists would love to have that kind of track record.  The problem for Diana Ross is that her work was (and still is) being judged against her ridiculously successful Motown years (1961-1981), during which time she hit #1 on the pop charts a whopping 18 times.  Had Miss Ross’s RCA output ended with a smash…

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