The Rise & Fall of the Patriarca Crime Family

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In October of this year a 72-year old man shuffled out of a Boston courthouse dressed in a dark jumper and plain jeans. At first glance the dishevelled looking pensioner wouldn’t exactly strike anyone as a crime boss but this is what the man stand’s accused of being. Anthony “Spucky” Spagnola is alleged by the F.B.I of running the day-to-day operations of the fading Patriarca crime family and of extorting from local video poker machine companies in the area. Spucky is an old school mobster who was made into the crime family in the mid-1980s. He has never been viewed as boss material but the past few decades have been harsh on the once powerful Patriarca’s who have been decimated by arrests, indictments and defections. In this blog I take a look at their past history and what the future may hold for the New England Mafia.

The crime family…

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