The Templars – Gods militia or Gnostic warlords?


Things are never as they appear but also not otherwise

The Templars were the first  trans-national  financial and military organisation,  comparable to a blend of Goldman & Sachs,  Benedictine Monks and a Blackwater mercenaries elite force. Their secrecy, might and  military achievements created awe, envy and myths. Hazy beginnings and their vanishing twenty years later allowed numerous conspiration theories. As soldiers they were the first to enter the battlefield and last to leave. The enemy respected and feared them for their incredible bravery and highly disciplined fighting.  Friends, however, observed that they were hedging their bets based on a unique understanding of cultural complexity and on cunning strategic enemy relations. From the (failed) siege of Damascus on, this had raised doubts on which side they stood. Originally strictly catholic and ascetic , over the time leading Templars were seen as tainted by  Gnostics thoughts. Rapid expansion and internal organisation created a need for a large backend and fighting force adding the inherent risks…

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