Gnostic Church of Solomon of the Knights Templar

The Return of the Knights Templar.


The Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon, as the original historical institution of the Knights Templar, is generally known for its traditional close ties to the Church, historically the Vatican of Rome. However, the historical record reveals the little known fact that the Order holds full ecclesiastical legitimacy of its own classical Church, with distinct lines of Apostolic succession. From the Middle Ages through the Renaissance period and into the modern era, the Templar Order has preserved its own ecclesiastical status as the Gnostic Church of Solomon.

This Gnostic Church of Solomon carries the ancient Gnostic traditions of the Essenes, of which Jesus the Nazarene was a High Priest, together with the medieval priesthood of the Gnostic Cathars, and is constitutionally maintained as a separate institution within the Templar Order.

Although many Knights and Dames Templar choose to join this Church, it is an optional additional activity, which…

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