BABANIA: The American Mafia’s Love Affair With Heroin

Global Mafia News


The opium poppy is a small plant that grows in equatorial countries such as Mexico, Afghanistan and Thailand. It has been harvested by human-beings for millennia and its “tar” used as pain relief for ailments and illnesses. It gives the user a feeling of great wellbeing but comes at the high price of inevitable addiction through repeated use. The apparent “magical” qualities that it gives has made opium a lucrative and much fought over resource. In the late 19th century British “trade companies” flooded China with opium to feed the countries burgeoning addicts and to turn themselves a huge profit. The British Empire even launched two wars against Imperial China, who had attempted to ban its use, to enforce their control of the trade. The highly addictive and powerful drug Heroin is derived from the opium poppy after a complex process involving…

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