Most Wanted: Italy’s Fugitive Mafia Lords

Global Mafia News

On the morning of April 11, 2006, two members of the cacciatore, the Italian Carabinieri’s (paramilitary police) elite Mafia hunter’s unit, observed an isolated shepherd’s shack on Horses Mountain near the Sicilian town of Corleone. They looked on as the shack’s owner passed something to a man inside, only seeing the other man’s arm appear. That’s when they knew after eight years of unforgiving detective work that they finally had the target firmly in their sights. Later that morning the whole of the elite unit assembled at the bottom of Horses Mountain, led by cacciatore Chief Renato Cortese, ready at last to take down their elusive prey. They drove in a convoy to the shepherd’s shack and burst out of their vehicles guns at the ready. The target inside attempted to shut the heavy iron door but Renato Cortese was too quick for the old man and barged his way…

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