Hoodwinked by the Grail Quest

The Ninth Templar Story

Everyone seems to ponder the mystery of what exactly the Knights Templar founders uncovered when they allegedly excavated under the old site of King Solomon’s Temple. There are many that believe that Hugh de Payens was on a mission to find Phoenician Gold or the Map to the Jewish treasury hidden from the Romans around 70 AD. There are many that believe the Knights may have found something that is directly linked to Christ himself. Perhaps it was the holy grail the chalice of Christ the cup that was used in the upper room to pass around with the Disciples and celebrate his life, salvation plan and atonement process he was setting in motion for humanity. Then there are some that believe that the excavations uncovered secrets of the days around and after the crucifixion and resurrection. Was he actually buried under the temple and not risen from the dead?…

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