“Lady Sings The Blues” 1972 Promotional Featurette


LSTB Diana Ross Photoshoot

“To me, acting is about truth, and it can’t be a lie.”

Diana Ross — for as much as she’s given her fans over the past fifty years — can be maddeningly vague when discussing her career.  Perhaps this is more the fault of interviewers than of the artist herself, but Miss Ross tends to talk about her projects in big, broad strokes, glossing over specific songs and albums in favor of generalizations about her work.  Over and over we’ve heard her talk about “moving mountains” and the importance of believing in the lyrics she’s singing; these things are great, but they don’t shed much light on Diana’s artistic process.  Thus, when “behind-the-scenes” footage of Diana Ross at work surfaces, it’s a rare treat for those who’ve followed her body of work.

American cable television network Turner Classic Movies recently aired an amazing 10-minute promotional featurette filmed on the set of Diana’s film debut,

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