Oak Island & British Templars

Gretchen Cornwall

I watched, stunned tonight, as the latest installment of the Curse of Oak Island aired in the USA at 9 pm Pacific Time.  Was anyone else seeing what I had?
Researcher Doug Crowell traced the history of the name that appears roughly scrawled, in the right hand upper corner of the Zena Halpern map, which appeared in the Curse of Oak Island on November 22 2016.

Zena Halpern Map

‘Rouchefoucauld’ is an ancient medieval family of lords, barons, dukes, princes and also comtes.  The French noble line has ties to the Holy Land, the Templars and of course Nova Scotia, Oak Island!
Rick Lagina, his nephew and friend, flew to  France to meet the ancestress of the noble family in a fabulous castle no less.  Certainly all the ingredients of a great work of fiction, but this is quite real.
After corroborating Templar familial links with the grand lady of the Rouchefoucauld family castle, the cast met with a…

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